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Chemical genetics reveals bacterial and host cell functions critical for type IV effector translocation by Legionella pneumophila.Academic Article Why?
Structure of the LexA-DNA complex and implications for SOS box measurement.Academic Article Why?
A Human-Specific Gene (G72/G30) in Transgenic MiceGrant Why?
Impact of Microbiota on Alloimmune Responses in TransplantationGrant Why?
Detecting linkage disequilibrium in bacterial populations.Academic Article Why?
Genetics of Legionella pneumophila virulence.Academic Article Why?
Comparative genetics of Enterococcus faecalis intestinal tissue isolates before and after surgery in a rat model of colon anastomosis.Academic Article Why?
Genomic hotspots for adaptation: the population genetics of Müllerian mimicry in the Heliconius melpomene clade.Academic Article Why?
Physical and genetic mapping of the SPO2 prophage on the chromosome of Bacillus subtilis 168.Academic Article Why?
Traces of human migrations in Helicobacter pylori populations.Academic Article Why?
Characterization of chloroplast and cytoplasmic ribosomal proteins of Chlamydomonas reinhardi by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis.Academic Article Why?
Continuous requirement for host P10 protein during bacteriophage T4 infection.Academic Article Why?
The heritage of pathogen pressures and ancient demography in the human innate-immunity CD209/CD209L region.Academic Article Why?
The influence of mutation, recombination, population history, and selection on patterns of genetic diversity in Neisseria meningitidis.Academic Article Why?
Letting Escherichia coli teach me about genome engineering.Academic Article Why?
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