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Expanding epidemiology and biostatistics curricula in undergraduate medical education to promote evidence-based practice.Academic Article Why?
A seven-year retrospective view of a course in epidemiology and biostatistics.Academic Article Why?
Using multivariate mixed-effects selection models for analyzing batch-processed proteomics data with non-ignorable missingness.Academic Article Why?
A three-level mixed-effects location scale model with an application to ecological momentary assessment data.Academic Article Why?
Andrew C. Leon, Ph.D. (1951-2012).Academic Article Why?
Developing a Hypothesis and Statistical Planning.Academic Article Why?
Genotype imputation for genome-wide association studies.Academic Article Why?
Guidelines for reporting of statistics for clinical research in urology.Academic Article Why?
Guidelines for Reporting of Statistics for Clinical Research in Urology.Academic Article Why?
Hyperlink-Embedded Journal Articles Improve Statistical Knowledge and Reader Satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
Modified toxicity probability interval design: a safer and more reliable method than the 3 + 3 design for practical phase I trials.Academic Article Why?
On the use of kernel approximate Bayesian computation to infer population history.Academic Article Why?
Reconstructability analysis as a tool for identifying gene-gene interactions in studies of human diseases.Academic Article Why?
Sigmoidal mixed models for longitudinal data.Academic Article Why?
Predictors of Days at Home for Children with Mechanical Ventilator AssistanceGrant Why?
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