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Characterization of the epicardial substrate for catheter ablation of Brugada syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Conduction delay in right ventricle as a marker for identifying high-risk patients with Brugada syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Brugada syndrome-Malignant phenotype associated with acute cardiac inflammation?Academic Article Why?
Brugada syndrome: an unusual cause of convulsive syncope.Academic Article Why?
Brugada Syndrome: Progress in Genetics, Risk Stratification and Management.Academic Article Why?
Pilsicanide-induced marked T wave alternans and ventricular fibrillation in a patient with Brugada syndrome.Academic Article Why?
The utility of T-wave alternans during the morning in the summer for the risk stratification of patients with Brugada syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Utility of 12-lead and signal-averaged Holter electrocardiograms after pilsicainide provocation for risk stratification in Brugada syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Utility of T-wave alternans during night time as a predictor for ventricular fibrillation in patients with Brugada syndrome.Academic Article Why?
A predictor of positive drug provocation testing in individuals with saddle-back type ST-segment elevation.Academic Article Why?
Clinical impact of the number of extrastimuli in programmed electrical stimulation in patients with Brugada type 1 electrocardiogram.Academic Article Why?
Insight into specific pro-arrhythmic triggers in Brugada and early repolarization syndromes: results of long-term follow-up.Academic Article Why?
Late potential at the high ventricular septal level in a patient with Brugada: possible mechanisms and clinical implications.Academic Article Why?
Usefulness of multichannel Holter ECG recording in the third intercostal space for detecting type 1 Brugada ECG: comparison with repeated 12-lead ECGs.Academic Article Why?
[Myotonia and cardiac conduction defects in myotonic dystrophy and defect in ion channels].Academic Article Why?
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