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Contextual predictors of mental health service use among children open to child welfare.Academic Article Why?
Addressing the impact of trauma before diagnosing mental illness in child welfare.Academic Article Why?
Victimization and depression among youth with disabilities in the US child welfare system.Academic Article Why?
Victimization and restricted participation among young people with disabilities in the US child welfare system.Academic Article Why?
The child welfare response to serious nonaccidental head trauma.Academic Article Why?
Judgments regarding appropriate child supervision to prevent injury: the role of environmental risk and child age.Academic Article Why?
The handicapped child and child abuse.Academic Article Why?
Child-Directed Interaction Training for Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Parent and Child Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Should child abuse and neglect be considered when a child dies unexpectedly?Academic Article Why?
Mothers' and fathers' perceptions of child deviance: roles of child behavior, parental depression, and marital satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
Child sexual abuse: who goes home?Academic Article Why?
Challenges in using medicaid claims to ascertain child maltreatment.Academic Article Why?
The Best Interest Standard: Same Name but Different Roles in Pediatric Bioethics and Child Rights Frameworks.Academic Article Why?
Perception of child, child-rearing values, and emotional distress as mediating links between environmental stressors and observed maternal behavior.Academic Article Why?
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