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Contextual predictors of mental health service use among children open to child welfare.Academic Article Why?
Percutaneous image-guided needle biopsy in children--summary of our experience with 57 children.Academic Article Why?
The handicapped child and child abuse.Academic Article Why?
Child-Directed Interaction Training for Young Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders: Parent and Child Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Should child abuse and neglect be considered when a child dies unexpectedly?Academic Article Why?
The influence of gluten: weaning recommendations for healthy children and children at risk for celiac disease.Academic Article Why?
Mothers' and fathers' perceptions of child deviance: roles of child behavior, parental depression, and marital satisfaction.Academic Article Why?
Judgments regarding appropriate child supervision to prevent injury: the role of environmental risk and child age.Academic Article Why?
Child sexual abuse: who goes home?Academic Article Why?
Fathers' Roles in the Care and Development of Their Children: The Role of Pediatricians.Academic Article Why?
A New Approach to Comprehensive Growth and Nutrition Assessment in Children.Academic Article Why?
Neurocognitive and behavioral morbidity in children with sleep disorders.Academic Article Why?
Building Systems That Work for Children With Complex Health Care Needs: Editor's Note.Academic Article Why?
Neurodevelopmental outcomes for children with hypoplastic left heart syndrome at the age of 5 years.Academic Article Why?
Parent-directed approaches to enrich the early language environments of children living in poverty.Academic Article Why?
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