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Safety of Mesh for Vaginal Cystocele Repair: Analysis of?National Patient Characteristics and Complications.Academic Article Why?
Protective effect of suburethral slings on postoperative cystocele recurrence after reconstructive pelvic operation.Academic Article Why?
CystoceleConcept Why?
Solvent-dehydrated dermal allograft (AXIS?) augmented cystocele repair: longitudinal results.Academic Article Why?
Arcus-anchored acellular dermal graft compared to anterior colporrhaphy for stage II cystoceles and beyond.Academic Article Why?
Glass, DiannePerson Why?
Letko, JurajPerson Why?
Chung, DoreenPerson Why?
Raheem, OmerPerson Why?
Sand, PeterPerson Why?
Anterior Colporrhaphy With and Without Dermal Allograft: A Randomized Control Trial With Long-Term Follow-Up.Academic Article Why?
Gafni-Kane, AdamPerson Why?
Iyer, ShilpaPerson Why?
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