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Tao, JamesPerson Why?
Nordli, DouglasPerson Why?
Wu, ShashaPerson Why?
Ebersole, JohnPerson Why?
Issa, NaoumPerson Why?
Wavelet based algorithm for the estimation of frequency flow from electroencephalogram data during epileptic seizure.Academic Article Why?
Van Drongelen, WimPerson Why?
Warnke, Peter ChristianPerson Why?
Detecting and localizing the foci in human epileptic seizures.Academic Article Why?
Implicit Wiener series analysis of epileptic seizure recordings.Academic Article Why?
Large-scale modeling of epileptic seizures: scaling properties of two parallel neuronal network simulation algorithms.Academic Article Why?
Nonsyndromic mental retardation and cryptogenic epilepsy in women with doublecortin gene mutations.Academic Article Why?
Perioral reflex myoclonias: a controlled study in patients with JME and focal epilepsies.Academic Article Why?
Autonomic status epilepticus in Panayiotopoulos syndrome and other childhood and adult epilepsies: a consensus view.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric seizure disorders.Academic Article Why?
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