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What can evolutionary biology learn from cancer biology?Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary biology: how to build a longer beak.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary biology: lost and found.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary biology: time, space and genomes.Academic Article Why?
Fighting microbial drug resistance: a primer on the role of evolutionary biology in public health.Academic Article Why?
The application of statistical physics to evolutionary biology.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary biology. Rules for Haldane's rule.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary cell biology: two origins, one objective.Academic Article Why?
Studying human and nonhuman primate evolutionary biology with powerful in vitro and in vivo functional genomics tools.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary crossroads in developmental biology.Academic Article Why?
Biochemistry of lysine crotonylation pathwayGrant Why?
Evolution of molecular complexes: genetic, structural, and functional mechanisms for the evolution of oligomers and allosteryGrant Why?
The evolution of human specific regulatory pathwaysGrant Why?
Systems-wide analysis of histone lysine 2-hydroxyisobutyrylation pathwayGrant Why?
Translational systems biology using an agent-based approach for dynamic knowledge representation: An evolutionary paradigm for biomedical research.Academic Article Why?
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