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Hindfoot arthrodesis for the adult acquired flat foot.Academic Article Why?
The treatment of failed reconstruction for adult acquired flat foot deformity.Academic Article Why?
Symposium: Adult acquired flatfoot deformity.Academic Article Why?
The effects of adult acquired flatfoot deformity on tibiotalar joint contact characteristics.Academic Article Why?
FlatfootConcept Why?
A comparison of lateral column lengthening and medial translational osteotomy of the calcaneus for the reconstruction of adult acquired flatfoot.Academic Article Why?
Effects of a UCBL orthosis and a calcaneal osteotomy on tibiotalar contact characteristics in a cadaver flatfoot model.Academic Article Why?
Hynes, KellyPerson Why?
[Specific tonicity of the muscles of the sole of the foot and the lower leg and its relation to foot deformities].Academic Article Why?
Associated deformities and hypermobility in hallux valgus: an investigation with weightbearing radiographs.Academic Article Why?
Complex reconstruction for the treatment of dorsolateral peritalar subluxation of the foot. Early results after distraction arthrodesis of the calcaneocuboid joint in conjunction with stabilization of, and transfer of the flexor digitorum longus tendon to, the midfoot to treat acquired pes planovalgus in adults.Academic Article Why?
Revision of failed triple arthrodesis with an opening-closing wedge osteotomy of the midfoot.Academic Article Why?
Surgical strategies: use of the cuboid osteotomy in combination with the triple arthrodesis with lateral column overload.Academic Article Why?
The lateral column lengthening and medial column stabilization procedures.Academic Article Why?
Haddad, StevenPerson Why?
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