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19th Annual Health Economics ConferenceGrant Why?
Health Economics and the Management of Degenerative Cervical Myelopathy.Academic Article Why?
Chicago Ctr. of Excellence in Health Promotion EconomicsGrant Why?
How much diagnostic safety can we afford, and how should we decide? A health economics perspective.Academic Article Why?
Personal responsibility, public policy, and the economic stimulus plan.Academic Article Why?
Do the bishops have it right on health care reform?Academic Article Why?
Markets and public health: pushing and pulling vaccines into production.Academic Article Why?
What's so special about medicine? A reply to De Ville.Academic Article Why?
Problematic smartphone use associated with greater alcohol consumption, mental health issues, poorer academic performance, and impulsivity.Academic Article Why?
Service use and financial performance in a replication program on adult day centers.Academic Article Why?
Social capital predicts accelerometry-measured physical activity among older adults in the U.S.: a cross-sectional study in the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.Academic Article Why?
Social relationships, economic shocks, sleep and wellbeing among older adultsGrant Why?
Mean level of positive affect moderates associations between volatility in positive affect, mental health, and alcohol consumption among mothers.Academic Article Why?
A pilot programme of organ donation after cardiac death in China.Academic Article Why?
Northwestern University-University of Chicago HSR Postdoctoral Training ProgramGrant Why?
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