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Renal medullary-like carcinoma in an adult without sickle cell hemoglobinopathy.Academic Article Why?
Regulation of breathing by tissue oxygen: evidence from mutant mice with Presbyterian hemoglobinopathy.Academic Article Why?
Hemoglobinopathies and sleep--The road less traveled.Academic Article Why?
CASE 10-2016: Hemoglobinopathies and Cardiac Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Elevated exhaled carbon monoxide concentration in hemoglobinopathies and its relation to red blood cell transfusion therapy.Academic Article Why?
Pulmonary complications of hemoglobinopathies.Academic Article Why?
Genetic counseling following the detection of hemoglobinopathy trait on the newborn screen is well received, improves knowledge, and relieves anxiety.Academic Article Why?
Skeletal muscle structural and energetic characteristics in subjects with sickle cell trait, alpha-thalassemia, or dual hemoglobinopathy.Academic Article Why?
A case of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin caused by a gene not linked to the beta-globin cluster.Academic Article Why?
A further case of G gamma-beta + hereditary persistence of Hb F associated to the -202 C----G mutation in the G gamma promoter region.Academic Article Why?
Preimplantation diagnosis and HLA typing for haemoglobin disorders.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study to determine whether health care professionals perceive stigma in heterozygote carrier identification and disclosure decisions.Academic Article Why?
Mandatory versus voluntary consent for newborn screening?Academic Article Why?
The prenatal diagnosis of genetic disorders.Academic Article Why?
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