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Training the Workforce: Description of a Longitudinal Interdisciplinary Education and Mentoring Program in Palliative Care.Academic Article Why?
A global call for increased interdisciplinary oncologic education.Academic Article Why?
Interdisciplinary Oncology Education: a National Survey of Trainees and Program Directors in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Levine, Stacie K.Person Why?
Incorporating telemedicine into the integrated care of the COPD patient a summary of an interdisciplinary workshop held in Stresa, Italy, 7-8 September 2017.Academic Article Why?
Expanding the Interdisciplinary Palliative Medicine Workforce: A Longitudinal Education and Mentoring Program for Practicing Clinicians.Academic Article Why?
An Interdisciplinary Training Program to Transform Graduate Education In Genetics and GenomicsGrant Why?
A longitudinal approach to handoff training.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of a Novel Medical School Multidisciplinary and Interprofessional Oncology Curriculum: a Mixed Method Study.Academic Article Why?
Surgeons managing conflict in the operating room: defining the educational need and identifying effective behaviors.Academic Article Why?
Requirements for ethics, socioeconomic, and legal education in postgraduate medical programs.Academic Article Why?
Golden, Daniel W.Person Why?
Blekhman, RanPerson Why?
Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities in IllinoisGrant Why?
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