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Leaders are made, not born. The role of the American Orthopaedic Association leadership traveling fellowships and leadership development programs.Academic Article Why?
Emotional intelligence: impact on leadership capabilities.Academic Article Why?
Leadership and globalization: research in health management education.Academic Article Why?
Time for leadership in teaching about care of chronic illness.Academic Article Why?
A Crucial Moment for Reflection on the Importance of Ethical Leadership in Academic Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Branding and Recruitment: A Primer for Residency Program Leadership.Academic Article Why?
Bridging Leadership Roles in Quality and Patient Safety: Experience of 6 US Academic Medical Centers.Academic Article Why?
Creating effective leadership for improving patient safety.Academic Article Why?
Creative leadership: making good news.Academic Article Why?
Key Tenets of Effective Surgery Leadership: Perspectives From the Society of Surgical Chairs Mentorship Sessions.Academic Article Why?
Melting the Plastic Ceiling: Overcoming Obstacles to Foster Leadership in Women Plastic Surgeons.Academic Article Why?
Strategic elements of residency training in China: transactional leadership, self-efficacy, and employee-orientation culture.Academic Article Why?
Teamwork and leadership in cardiopulmonary resuscitation.Academic Article Why?
The 2003 Air Medical Leadership Congress: findings and recommendations.Academic Article Why?
The impact of leadership training programs on physicians in academic medical centers: a systematic review.Academic Article Why?
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