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Progress toward liquid biopsies in pediatric solid tumors.Academic Article Why?
Application of liquid biopsy as multi-functional biomarkers in head and neck cancer.Academic Article Why?
Clinical implementation and current advancement of blood liquid biopsy in cancer.Academic Article Why?
Clinical significance of clonal hematopoiesis in the interpretation of blood liquid biopsy.Academic Article Why?
Detection and Analysis of Circulating Epithelial Cells in Liquid Biopsies From Patients With Liver Disease.Academic Article Why?
Minimum Technical Data Elements for Liquid Biopsy Data Submitted to Public Databases.Academic Article Why?
BloodPAC Data Commons for Liquid Biopsy Data.Academic Article Why?
The Liquid Biopsy Consortium: Challenges and opportunities for early cancer detection and monitoring.Academic Article Why?
Methylation extends the reach of liquid biopsy in cancer detection.Academic Article Why?
Towards precision medicine: advances in 5-hydroxymethylcytosine cancer biomarker discovery in liquid biopsy.Academic Article Why?
Plasma or Serum: Which Is Preferable for Mutation Detection in Liquid Biopsy?Academic Article Why?
Clonal Hematopoiesis in Liquid Biopsy: From Biological Noise to Valuable Clinical Implications.Academic Article Why?
Precision Medicine for Colorectal Cancer with Liquid Biopsy and Immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Tumor cell-based liquid biopsy using high-throughput microfluidic enrichment of entire leukapheresis product.Academic Article Why?
Validation of a liquid biopsy assay with molecular and clinical profiling of circulating tumor DNA.Academic Article Why?
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