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Rapid induction of functional and morphological continuity between severed ends of mammalian or earthworm myelinated axons.Academic Article Why?
Szuchet, SaraPerson Why?
A myelin galactolipid, sulfatide, is essential for maintenance of ion channels on myelinated axon but not essential for initial cluster formation.Academic Article Why?
Necl-4/SynCAM-4 is expressed in myelinating oligodendrocytes but not required for axonal myelination.Academic Article Why?
Adenomatous polyposis coli regulates radial axonal sorting and myelination in the PNS.Academic Article Why?
The effects of corticosteroids on myelination of the developing rat brain.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of brain biocompatibility of drug-releasing biodegradable microspheres by scanning and transmission electron microscopy.Academic Article Why?
Two brothers with a variant of hereditary sensory neuropathy.Academic Article Why?
Nogo-A at CNS paranodes is a ligand of Caspr: possible regulation of K(+) channel localization.Academic Article Why?
Categories of axons in the inferior cardiac nerve of the cat.Academic Article Why?
Myelination and the development of function in immature pyramidal tract.Academic Article Why?
Youth and environmental enrichment generate serum exosomes containing miR-219 that promote CNS myelination.Academic Article Why?
Arac-Ozkan, DemetPerson Why?
Myelination by mature ovine oligodendrocytes in vivo and in vitro: evidence that different steps in the myelination process are independently controlled.Academic Article Why?
A G-coupled receptor protein critical for peripheral nerve myelination.Academic Article Why?
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