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Orthopaedic surgery outcomes assessment model.Academic Article Why?
Facilitating Clinical Outcomes Assessment through the automated identification of quality measures for prostate cancer surgery.Academic Article Why?
Optimizing Concussion Care Seeking: The Influence of Previous Concussion Diagnosis Status on Baseline Assessment Outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Outcome Assessment (Health Care)Concept Why?
The Spine Surgical Care and Outcomes Assessment Program (Spine SCOAP): a surgeon-led approach to quality and safety.Academic Article Why?
Web-Based Assessment of Outcomes After Subarachnoid and Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A New Patient Centered Option for Outcomes Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular Outcomes Assessment of the MitraClip in Patients with Heart Failure and Secondary Mitral Regurgitation: Design and rationale of the COAPT trial.Academic Article Why?
149 consecutive thyroid operations--indications, technique and outcome.Academic Article Why?
A checklist for ascertaining study cohorts in oncology health services research using secondary data: report of the ISPOR oncology good outcomes research practices working group.Academic Article Why?
A comparison of outcomes associated with carotid artery stent placement performed within and outside clinical trials in the United States.Academic Article Why?
A comprehensive review of randomized clinical trials in three medical journals reveals 396 medical reversals.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study examining the severity and outcome of the post-cardiac arrest syndrome: a comparative analysis of two geographically distinct hospitals.Academic Article Why?
A prospective study of the association between surgeon experience and short-term patient outcomes after colorectal surgery.Academic Article Why?
A reassessment of spinal stabilization in severe cerebral palsy.Academic Article Why?
Acute Care Referral Systems in Liberia: Transfer and Referral Capabilities in a Low-Income Country.Academic Article Why?
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