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Genetic nondiscrimination legislation: a critical prerequisite for pharmacogenomics data sharing.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics: a bridge to individualized cancer therapy.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenomics and cardiology: improving treatment with existing drugs.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenomics and personalized medicine in clinical practice.Academic Article Why?
EGFR pharmacogenomics: the story continues to mutate and evolve.Academic Article Why?
From personalized medicine to personalized justice: the promises of translational pharmacogenomics in the justice system.Academic Article Why?
Genome-wide approaches in pharmacogenomics: heritability estimation and pharmacoethnicity as primary challenges.Academic Article Why?
Genomewide Association Studies in Pharmacogenomics: Meeting Report of the NIH Pharmacogenomics Research Network-RIKEN (PGRN-RIKEN) Collaboration.Academic Article Why?
Lymphoblastoid cell lines in pharmacogenomics: how applicable are they to clinical outcomes?Academic Article Why?
Patient perspectives following pharmacogenomics results disclosure in an integrated health system.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of a multidisciplinary pharmacogenomics clinic in a community health system.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of pharmacogenomics testing for precision medicine.Academic Article Why?
PACdb: a database for cell-based pharmacogenomics.Academic Article Why?
Pharmacogenetics in cancer treatment.Academic Article Why?
The future of pharmacogenetics in the treatment of hypertension.Academic Article Why?
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