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Trends in Post-Acute Care in US Nursing Homes: 2001-2017.Academic Article Why?
Trends in Post-Acute Care Use Among Medicare Beneficiaries: 2000 to 2015.Academic Article Why?
Post-Acute Care Use and Hospital Readmission after Sepsis.Academic Article Why?
The effect of integration of hospitals and post-acute care providers on Medicare payment and patient outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Relationships between Acute and Postacute Care Providers: Measurement and Estimation.Academic Article Why?
Using Telementoring to Share Best Practices on COVID-19 in Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Facilities.Academic Article Why?
Acute Care Surgery Billing, Coding and Documentation Series Part 2: Postoperative Documentation and Coding; Documentation and Coding in Conjunction with Trainees and Advanced Practitioners; Coding Select Procedures.Academic Article Why?
Reply: ß2-agonists and acute respiratory distress syndrome.Academic Article Why?
ß2-agonists and acute respiratory distress syndrome.Academic Article Why?
Preoperative serum brain natriuretic peptide and risk of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery.Academic Article Why?
[Tricuspid valvulectomy in antibiotic-refractory right-heart endocarditis].Academic Article Why?
TELE-TOC: Telehealth Education Leveraging Electronic Transitions Of Care for COPD Patients - Resubmission - 1Grant Why?
The Virtual Mentored Implementation to Reduce REVISITS (Reducing Respiratory Emergent Visits using Implementation Science Interventions Tailored to Setting) StudyGrant Why?
Early Menstrual Pain Impact on Multisensory HypersensitivityGrant Why?
Postoperative management of open heart surgery in infants and children.Academic Article Why?
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