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Use of Report Cards to Increase Primary Care Physician Depression Screening.Academic Article Why?
Using an established telehealth model to train urban primary care providers on hypertension management.Academic Article Why?
Hospitalists and primary care.Academic Article Why?
Management of major depressive disorder in primary care.Academic Article Why?
Monitoring and managing urinary albumin excretion: practical advice for primary care clinicians.Academic Article Why?
Neuropsychology for the primary care physician.Academic Article Why?
Primary Care Endocrinology in the Adult Woman.Academic Article Why?
24-Month Outcomes of Primary Care Web-Based Depression Prevention Intervention in Adolescents: Randomized Clinical Trial.Academic Article Why?
A Model for Sustaining Health at the Primary Care Level.Academic Article Why?
A Plan for Useful and Timely Family Medicine and Primary Care Research.Academic Article Why?
A sense of calling and primary care physicians' satisfaction in treating smoking, alcoholism, and obesity.Academic Article Why?
A survey of binge eating and obesity treatment practices among primary care providers.Academic Article Why?
A technology-based quality innovation to identify undiagnosed hypertension among active primary care patients.Academic Article Why?
Are generalists the answer for primary care?Academic Article Why?
Assessing Primary Care Trainee Comfort in the Diagnosis and Management of Thermal Injuries.Academic Article Why?
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