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A mathematical modelling framework for understanding chemorepulsive signal transduction in Dictyostelium.Academic Article Why?
Analysis of the signal transduction properties of a module of spatial sensing in eukaryotic chemotaxis.Academic Article Why?
Calcium signals in growth factor signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Death-associated protein kinase (DAPK) and signal transduction: regulation in cancer.Academic Article Why?
Effects of hypoxia on oligodendrocyte signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Effects of saturation and enzyme limitation in feedforward adaptive signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Endothelial permeability and IL-6 production during hypoxia: role of ROS in signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Epidermal growth factor receptor - mediated signal transduction in the development and therapy of gliomas.Academic Article Why?
Genetics of signal transduction: tales from the mouse.Academic Article Why?
Intersection of signal transduction pathways and development.Academic Article Why?
Probabilistic prediction of unknown metabolic and signal-transduction networks.Academic Article Why?
Raf kinase inhibitory protein: a signal transduction modulator and metastasis suppressor.Academic Article Why?
Ras signal transduction pathway in Drosophila eye development.Academic Article Why?
Reactive oxygen species are downstream products of TRAF-mediated signal transduction.Academic Article Why?
Sentra, a database of signal transduction proteins.Academic Article Why?
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