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Diversifying interferon functions through combinatorial and structural biologyGrant Why?
FRET-based dynamic structural biology: Challenges, perspectives and an appeal for open-science practices.Academic Article Why?
Cellular and structural biology of the deiodinases.Academic Article Why?
Native Mass Spectrometry at the Convergence of Structural Biology and Compositional Proteomics.Academic Article Why?
Structural biology: A channel with a twist.Academic Article Why?
Data publication with the structural biology data grid supports live analysis.Academic Article Why?
A high-throughput structural system biology approach to increase structure representation of proteins from Clostridioides difficile.Academic Article Why?
A Structural Systems Biology Approach to High-Risk CG23 Klebsiella pneumoniae.Academic Article Why?
Perspectives: structural biology. SRP--where the RNA and membrane worlds meet.Academic Article Why?
Structural biology. Force and voltage sensors in one structure.Academic Article Why?
Chaperone Assisted CrystallographyGrant Why?
Glycolipid Presentation by CD1dGrant Why?
High Performance Computer System for Molecular ModelingGrant Why?
How mutations in proinsulin cause diabetes: a protein-misfolding diseaseGrant Why?
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