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Maunsell, John H.R.Person Why?
Abnormal neuronal responses during evolution of a penicillin epileptic focus in cat visual cortex.Academic Article Why?
An amplitude equation approach to contextual effects in visual cortex.Academic Article Why?
Attending multiple items decreases the selectivity of population responses in human primary visual cortex.Academic Article Why?
Attentional modulation in visual cortex depends on task timing.Academic Article Why?
Decreasing Influence of Retinal Inputs on the Developing Visual Cortex.Academic Article Why?
Differences in gamma frequencies across visual cortex restrict their possible use in computation.Academic Article Why?
Different origins of gamma rhythm and high-gamma activity in macaque visual cortex.Academic Article Why?
Differential effects of early monocular deprivation on binocular and monocular segments of cat striate cortex.Academic Article Why?
Effects of attention on the reliability of individual neurons in monkey visual cortex.Academic Article Why?
Effects of visual cortex lesions upon the visual fields of monocularly deprived cats.Academic Article Why?
Evolutionary constraints on visual cortex architecture from the dynamics of hallucinations.Academic Article Why?
Feature-based attention in visual cortex.Academic Article Why?
Functional imaging of primary visual cortex using flavoprotein autofluorescence.Academic Article Why?
Further differences in receptive field properties of simple and complex cells in cat striate cortex.Academic Article Why?
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