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The genetics of human adaptation: hard sweeps, soft sweeps, and polygenic adaptation.Academic Article Why?
Color perception under chromatic adaptation: equilibrium yellow and long-wavelength adaptation.Academic Article Why?
Cone phototransduction and growth of the ERG b-wave during light adaptation.Academic Article Why?
Chromatic induction: border contrast or adaptation to surrounding light?Academic Article Why?
Color perception under chromatic adaptation: "supersensitivity" with dim backgrounds.Academic Article Why?
Pathogen adaptation to seasonal forcing and climate change.Academic Article Why?
Platelet-activating factor receptor modulates respiratory adaptation to long-term intermittent hypoxia in mice.Academic Article Why?
The elusive link between conflict and conflict adaptation.Academic Article Why?
The oligogenic view of adaptation.Academic Article Why?
Vibrotactile adaptation impairs discrimination of fine, but not coarse, textures.Academic Article Why?
Adaptation to removable prosthesis: a clinical report.Academic Article Why?
Adaptive translation as a mechanism of stress response and adaptation.Academic Article Why?
Color appearance under chromatic adaptation varied along theoretically significant axes in color space.Academic Article Why?
Conflict adaptation effects in the absence of executive control.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the read-write genome: mobile DNA and mammalian adaptation.Academic Article Why?
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