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AAIM Recommendations for Undergraduate Medical Education to Graduate Medical Education Transition Curricula in Internal Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Training the next generation of genomic medicine providers: trends in medical education and national assessment.Academic Article Why?
Top Medical Education Studies of 2016: A Narrative Review.Academic Article Why?
A Systematic Review of Pain Management Education in Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Developing to full potential: medical education as a scientific discipline.Academic Article Why?
Academic Productivity of Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education-Accredited Critical Care Fellowship Program Directors.Academic Article Why?
Accounting for complexity in medical education: a model of adaptive behaviour in medicine.Academic Article Why?
Beyond Compliance: Growth as the Guiding Value in Undergraduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Computer-assisted medical education: current and potential roles.Academic Article Why?
Continuing medical education and quality improvement: a match made in heaven?Academic Article Why?
Direct observation in medical education: a review of the literature and evidence for validity.Academic Article Why?
Expanding epidemiology and biostatistics curricula in undergraduate medical education to promote evidence-based practice.Academic Article Why?
Family Partnership in Continuing Medical Education: A Collaborative Experience.Academic Article Why?
Global Health and Graduate Medical Education: A Systematic Review of the Literature.Academic Article Why?
Global Health Education as a Translational Science in Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
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