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Palliative Workforce Development and a Regional Training Program.Academic Article Why?
Expanding the Interdisciplinary Palliative Medicine Workforce: A Longitudinal Education and Mentoring Program for Practicing Clinicians.Academic Article Why?
Thompson, KatherinePerson Why?
Training the Workforce: Description of a Longitudinal Interdisciplinary Education and Mentoring Program in Palliative Care.Academic Article Why?
Mandatory Hepatology Education for Internal Medicine Residents: Long-Term Effects and Implications for Workforce Needs.Academic Article Why?
A workforce study of emergency medicine medical education fellowship directors: Describing roles, responsibilities, support, and priorities.Academic Article Why?
Graduate medical education in trauma/critical care and acute care surgery: defining goals for a new workforce.Academic Article Why?
An AOA critical issue. Future physician workforce requirements: implications for orthopaedic surgery education.Academic Article Why?
Fromme, H. BarrettPerson Why?
Levine, Stacie K.Person Why?
Developing the HIV Workforce: The MATEC Clinician Scholars Program.Academic Article Why?
Scholars in Oncology Associated Research (SOAR)Grant Why?
Aligning Urology Residency Training With Real-World Workforce Needs.Academic Article Why?
Respecting the lifecycle: rational workforce planning for a section of general internal medicine.Academic Article Why?
Chicago South Side Cancer Disparities Intiative (1 of 2)Grant Why?
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