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Callum F. Ross to Mandible

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  1. Panagiotopoulou O, Iriarte-Diaz J, Mehari Abraha H, Taylor AB, Wilshin S, Dechow PC, Ross CF. Biomechanics of the mandible of Macaca mulatta during the power stroke of mastication: Loading, deformation, and strain regimes and the impact of food type. J Hum Evol. 2020 10; 147:102865.
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    Score: 0.826
  2. Panagiotopoulou O, Iriarte-Diaz J, Wilshin S, Dechow PC, Taylor AB, Mehari Abraha H, Aljunid SF, Ross CF. In vivo bone strain and finite element modeling of a rhesus macaque mandible during mastication. Zoology (Jena). 2017 10; 124:13-29.
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    Score: 0.670
  3. Iriarte-Diaz J, Terhune CE, Taylor AB, Ross CF. Functional correlates of the position of the axis of rotation of the mandible during chewing in non-human primates. Zoology (Jena). 2017 10; 124:106-118.
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    Score: 0.669
  4. Ross CF, Iriarte-Diaz J, Platts E, Walsh T, Heins L, Gerstner GE, Taylor AB. Scaling of rotational inertia of primate mandibles. J Hum Evol. 2017 05; 106:119-132.
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    Score: 0.651
  5. Ross CF, Iriarte-Diaz J, Reed DA, Stewart TA, Taylor AB. In vivo bone strain in the mandibular corpus of Sapajus during a range of oral food processing behaviors. J Hum Evol. 2016 09; 98:36-65.
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    Score: 0.624
  6. Ross CF, Iriarte-Diaz J. What does feeding system morphology tell us about feeding? Evol Anthropol. 2014 May-Jun; 23(3):105-20.
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    Score: 0.532
  7. Porro LB, Metzger KA, Iriarte-Diaz J, Ross CF. In vivo bone strain and finite element modeling of the mandible of Alligator mississippiensis. J Anat. 2013 Sep; 223(3):195-227.
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    Score: 0.503
  8. Terhune CE, Iriarte-Díaz J, Taylor AB, Ross CF. The instantaneous center of rotation of the mandible in nonhuman primates. . 2011 Aug; 51(2):320-32.
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    Score: 0.434
  9. Porro LB, Holliday CM, Anapol F, Ontiveros LC, Ontiveros LT, Ross CF. Free body analysis, beam mechanics, and finite element modeling of the mandible of Alligator mississippiensis. J Morphol. 2011 Aug; 272(8):910-37.
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    Score: 0.433
  10. Reed DA, Porro LB, Iriarte-Diaz J, Lemberg JB, Holliday CM, Anapol F, Ross CF. The impact of bone and suture material properties on mandibular function in Alligator mississippiensis: testing theoretical phenotypes with finite element analysis. J Anat. 2011 Jan; 218(1):59-74.
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    Score: 0.419
  11. Reed DA, Ross CF. The influence of food material properties on jaw kinematics in the primate, Cebus. Arch Oral Biol. 2010 Dec; 55(12):946-62.
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    Score: 0.415
  12. Ross CF, Dharia R, Herring SW, Hylander WL, Liu ZJ, Rafferty KL, Ravosa MJ, Williams SH. Modulation of mandibular loading and bite force in mammals during mastication. J Exp Biol. 2007 Mar; 210(Pt 6):1046-63.
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    Score: 0.323
  13. Ravosa MJ, Ross CF, Williams SH, Costley DB. Allometry of masticatory loading parameters in mammals. Anat Rec (Hoboken). 2010 Apr; 293(4):557-71.
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    Score: 0.100
  14. Zapata U, Metzger K, Wang Q, Elsey RM, Ross CF, Dechow PC. Material properties of mandibular cortical bone in the American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis. Bone. 2010 Mar; 46(3):860-7.
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    Score: 0.098
  15. Ross CF, Reed DA, Washington RL, Eckhardt A, Anapol F, Shahnoor N. Scaling of chew cycle duration in primates. Am J Phys Anthropol. 2009 Jan; 138(1):30-44.
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    Score: 0.092
  16. Laird MF, Wright BW, Rivera AO, Fogaça MD, van Casteren A, Fragaszy DM, Izar P, Visalberghi E, Scott RS, Strait DS, Ross CF, Wright KA. Ingestive behaviors in bearded capuchins (Sapajus libidinosus). Sci Rep. 2020 11 30; 10(1):20850.
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    Score: 0.052
  17. Hylander WL, Ravosa MJ, Ross CF, Johnson KR. Mandibular corpus strain in primates: further evidence for a functional link between symphyseal fusion and jaw-adductor muscle force. Am J Phys Anthropol. 1998 Nov; 107(3):257-71.
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    Score: 0.045
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