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Risk Factors for Recurrent Hematoma After Surgery for Acute Traumatic Subdural Hematoma.Academic Article Why?
Finn, Henry A.Person Why?
Management and outcomes following emergency surgery for traumatic brain injury - A multi-centre, international, prospective cohort study (the Global Neurotrauma Outcomes Study).Academic Article Why?
Early parenchymal contrast extravasation predicts subsequent hemorrhage progression, clinical deterioration, and need for surgery in patients with traumatic cerebral contusion.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation and management of mild traumatic brain injury: an Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management guideline.Academic Article Why?
Esposito, ThomasPerson Why?
Strelzow, JasonPerson Why?
Optimal use of microvascular free flaps, cartilage grafts, and a paramedian forehead flap for aesthetic reconstruction of the nose and adjacent facial units.Academic Article Why?
Zakrison, TanyaPerson Why?
Cone, JenniferPerson Why?
Miloro, MichaelPerson Why?
Mitchell, James W.Person Why?
Immediate traumatic pulmonary pseudocyst formation in children.Academic Article Why?
Girard, RomualdPerson Why?
Rosseau, GailPerson Why?
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