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SK2 channels in cerebellar Purkinje cells contribute to excitability modulation in motor-learning-specific memory traces.Academic Article Why?
m6A facilitates hippocampus-dependent learning and memory through YTHDF1.Academic Article Why?
Statistical learning induces discrete shifts in the allocation of working memory resources.Academic Article Why?
The sectored foraging field: a novel design to quantify spatial strategies, learning, memory, and emotion.Academic Article Why?
SREB2/GPR85, a schizophrenia risk factor, negatively regulates hippocampal adult neurogenesis and neurogenesis-dependent learning and memory.Academic Article Why?
Auditory working memory predicts individual differences in absolute pitch learning.Academic Article Why?
A Place of Memory and Learning.Academic Article Why?
The role of long-term memory in a test of visual working memory: Proactive facilitation but no proactive interference.Academic Article Why?
Post-traumatic stress is associated with verbal learning, memory, and psychomotor speed in HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected women.Academic Article Why?
Memory and Learning TestsConcept Why?
Base-rate effects in category learning: a comparison of parallel network and memory storage-retrieval models.Academic Article Why?
London, SarahPerson Why?
Zhuang, XiaoxiPerson Why?
Evaluation of a computer-assisted errorless learning-based memory training program for patients with early Alzheimer's disease in Hong Kong: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Voss, JoelPerson Why?
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