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Nusbaum, HowardPerson Why?
[Predictive factors for speech perception in patients with cochlear implant].Academic Article Why?
Effects of intelligibility on working memory demand for speech perception.Academic Article Why?
Hearing lips and seeing voices: how cortical areas supporting speech production mediate audiovisual speech perception.Academic Article Why?
Speech-perception training for older adults with hearing loss impacts word recognition and effort.Academic Article Why?
Listening to talking faces: motor cortical activation during speech perception.Academic Article Why?
Talker variability in audio-visual speech perception.Academic Article Why?
Speech perception as an active cognitive process.Academic Article Why?
Speech Discrimination TestsConcept Why?
Speech PerceptionConcept Why?
Depolarizing the perceptual magnet effect.Academic Article Why?
Effects of training on the acoustic phonetic representation of synthetic speech.Academic Article Why?
Neural bases of talker normalization.Academic Article Why?
A critical evaluation of visually moderated phonetic context effects.Academic Article Why?
Abstract coding of audiovisual speech: beyond sensory representation.Academic Article Why?
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