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Konetzka, R. TamaraPerson Why?
Nursing Home Response to Nursing Home Compare: The Provider Perspective.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of nursing home reporting of major injury falls for quality measurement on nursing home compare.Academic Article Why?
Assessing and Improving Patient Safety Measurement in Nursing HomesGrant Why?
Sanghavi, PrachiPerson Why?
Do not-for-profit nursing homes provide better quality?Academic Article Why?
Nursing home admissions for persons with dementia: Role of home- and community-based services.Academic Article Why?
Six-month cognitive improvement in nursing home residents with severe cognitive impairment.Academic Article Why?
The Role of Severe Dementia in Nursing Home Report Cards.Academic Article Why?
Addressing Systemic Racism in Nursing Homes: A Time for Action.Academic Article Why?
An Evaluation of Performance Thresholds in Nursing Home Pay-for-Performance.Academic Article Why?
Health care providers' opinions on communication between nursing homes and emergency departments.Academic Article Why?
Inside the Black Box of Improving on Nursing Home Quality Measures.Academic Article Why?
Malpractice Environment vs Direct Litigation: What Drives Nursing Home Exit?Academic Article Why?
Malpractice litigation and nursing home quality of care.Academic Article Why?
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