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Centers for medicare and medicaid services medicare data and stroke research: goldmine or landmine?Academic Article Why?
Stulberg, Debra BPerson Why?
Medicaid home- and community-based services and discharge from skilled nursing facilities.Academic Article Why?
A national assessment of legacy versus new generation Medicaid data.Academic Article Why?
Adding injury to injury: ethical implications of the Medicaid sterilization consent regulations.Academic Article Why?
Our flawed but beneficial Medicaid program.Academic Article Why?
Addiction Treatment Capacity in Health Centers: The Role of Medicaid Reimbursement and Targeted Grant Funding.Academic Article Why?
American Society of Clinical Oncology policy statement on medicaid reform.Academic Article Why?
Association between dispensing of low-value oral albuterol and removal from Medicaid preferred drug lists.Academic Article Why?
Challenges in using medicaid claims to ascertain child maltreatment.Academic Article Why?
Children with medical complexity and Medicaid: spending and cost savings.Academic Article Why?
Chronic Medication Use in Children Insured by Medicaid: A Multistate Retrospective Cohort Study.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of Health Care Spending and Utilization Among Children With Medicaid Insurance.Academic Article Why?
Cost-sharing With Medicaid Expansion in Michigan: Obligations and Propensity to Pay.Academic Article Why?
Ectopic pregnancy rates and racial disparities in the Medicaid population, 2004-2008.Academic Article Why?
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