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Reconstitution of the gut microbiota of antibiotic-treated patients by autologous fecal microbiota transplant.Academic Article Why?
The Gut Microbiome: Reaching the Promise Through Discovery- Advancing Knowledge and Discovery of the Gut Microbiome in the Age of Precision Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Inhalational exposure to particulate matter air pollution alters the composition of the gut microbiome.Academic Article Why?
The Gut Microbiome and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.Academic Article Why?
Herbivorous turtle ants obtain essential nutrients from a conserved nitrogen-recycling gut microbiome.Academic Article Why?
The association between gut microbiome and anthropometric measurements in Bangladesh.Academic Article Why?
Dichotomous development of the gut microbiome in preterm infants.Academic Article Why?
Antibiotics-Driven Gut Microbiome Perturbation Alters Immunity to Vaccines in Humans.Academic Article Why?
Connection between gut microbiome and brain development in preterm infants.Academic Article Why?
Current State of Knowledge on Implications of Gut Microbiome for Surgical Conditions.Academic Article Why?
Dietary modulation of the gut microbiome as an immunoregulatory intervention.Academic Article Why?
Diversity and Persistence of the Gut Microbiome of the Giant Neotropical Bullet Ant.Academic Article Why?
Effect of antibiotic treatment on Oxalobacter formigenes colonization of the gut microbiome and urinary oxalate excretion.Academic Article Why?
Gut microbiome and retinal diseases: an updated review.Academic Article Why?
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