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Physiological stress responses of emergency medicine residents during an immersive medical simulation scenario.Academic Article Why?
Stress, PhysiologicalConcept Why?
Drummond, D. AllanPerson Why?
A generally conserved response to hypoxia in iPSC-derived cardiomyocytes from humans and chimpanzees.Academic Article Why?
A tumor suppressor SIRTainty.Academic Article Why?
Acute stress-induced increases in thalamic CRH mRNA are blocked by repeated stress exposure.Academic Article Why?
Adaptive translation as a mechanism of stress response and adaptation.Academic Article Why?
Adaptive value of phenological traits in stressful environments: predictions based on seed production and laboratory natural selection.Academic Article Why?
Agent-based dynamic knowledge representation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa virulence activation in the stressed gut: Towards characterizing host-pathogen interactions in gut-derived sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Allosteric control of a bacterial stress response system by an anti-s factor.Academic Article Why?
Alterations in hippocampal serotonergic and INSR function in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats exposed to stress: neuroprotective role of pyridoxine and Aegle marmelose.Academic Article Why?
An adaptive biomolecular condensation response is conserved across environmentally divergent species.Academic Article Why?
Anomalous spatial redistribution of competing bacteria under starvation conditions.Academic Article Why?
Bacterial translocation in the neonate.Academic Article Why?
Balanced trade-offs between alternative strategies shape the response of C. elegans reproduction to chronic heat stress.Academic Article Why?
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