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Gibbons, RobertPerson Why?
Non-Randomized Controlled Trials as TopicConcept Why?
Randomized Controlled Trials as TopicConcept Why?
Ratain, Mark J.Person Why?
Karrison, TheodorePerson Why?
Davidson, Michael H.Person Why?
Nagele, PeterPerson Why?
Krishnan, JerryPerson Why?
Dignam, James J.Person Why?
"Show me the numbers": the application of numbers to medical science.Academic Article Why?
A comprehensive review of randomized clinical trials in three medical journals reveals 396 medical reversals.Academic Article Why?
A group sequential, response-adaptive design for randomized clinical trials.Academic Article Why?
A Pooled Analysis of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging Lesions in Patients With Acute Intracerebral Hemorrhage.Academic Article Why?
A structured methodology review showed analyses of functional outcomes are frequently limited to "survivors only" in trials enrolling patients at high risk of death.Academic Article Why?
A systematic review of the quality of randomized controlled trials in head and neck oncology surgery.Academic Article Why?
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