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Pamer, EricPerson Why?
Kociolek, LarryPerson Why?
Alverdy, JohnPerson Why?
Whitley, RichardPerson Why?
Schneider, John A.Person Why?
Parvovirus B19 infection in five European countries: seroepidemiology, force of infection and maternal risk of infection.Academic Article Why?
Missiakas, DominiquePerson Why?
Ridgway, Jessica P.Person Why?
A laboratory-based, hospital-wide, electronic marker for nosocomial infection: the future of infection control surveillance?Academic Article Why?
National variability in surveillance, testing, and infection prevention for?Clostridium difficile infection in pediatric populations.Academic Article Why?
Rubin, David T.Person Why?
Golovkina, TatyanaPerson Why?
Weber, Stephen G.Person Why?
Non-productive paramyxovirus infection: Nariva virus infection in hamsters.Academic Article Why?
Noninvasive Prediction of Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection After Maternal Primary Infection.Academic Article Why?
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