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Alternating cycle length during supraventricular tachycardia: what is the mechanism?Academic Article Why?
Catheter cryoablation of supraventricular tachycardia: results of the multicenter prospective "frosty" trial.Academic Article Why?
Fetal supraventricular tachycardia and hydrops fetalis: combined intensive, direct, and transplacental therapy.Academic Article Why?
Fetal supraventricular tachycardia: prenatal diagnosis and pharmacological reversal of associated hydrops fetalis.Academic Article Why?
Tachycardia, SupraventricularConcept Why?
Assessment of the Utility of Ordering a Troponin in Low- and Intermediate-Risk Patients Presenting to the Emergency Department with Supraventricular Tachycardia: A Retrospective Chart Review.Academic Article Why?
[Atrial arrhythmias after modified Fontane operation: effect of preoperative hemodynamics and the kind of operation (atriopulmonary vs. total cavopulmonary anastomosis)].Academic Article Why?
A rare cause of vomiting in a 5-year-old girl.Academic Article Why?
Ablation of the atrioventricular junction with radiofrequency energy using a new electrode catheter.Academic Article Why?
Cold panniculitis following ice therapy for cardiac arrhythmia.Academic Article Why?
Electrophysiological manifestations of rare supra-ventricular tachycardias with concealed nodo-ventricular fibers.Academic Article Why?
Kohli, UtkarshPerson Why?
Minimally invasive epicardial left atrial ablation and appendectomy for refractory atrial tachycardia.Academic Article Why?
Persistent tachycardia within isolated pulmonary veins during atrial fibrillation ablation.Academic Article Why?
Ripple mapping: making electroanatomic mapping user-friendly.Academic Article Why?
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