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Adherence to quality measures in a pediatric epilepsy center: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Cognitive proficiency in pediatric epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
Efficacy of felbamate in the treatment of intractable pediatric epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
Seizure anticipation in pediatric epilepsy: use of Kolmogorov entropy.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the comparative effectiveness of treatment in pediatric epilepsy: Call to action.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric epilepsy syndromes with associated developmental impairment.Academic Article Why?
Mood and behavior disorder in pediatric epilepsy-A review of literatureAcademic Article Why?
Falk Center for Advanced Study and Care of Pediatric EpilepsyGrant Why?
Phitsanuwong, ChalongchaiPerson Why?
Neuronal bursting properties in focal and parafocal regions in pediatric neocortical epilepsy stratified by histology.Academic Article Why?
Proposed criteria for referral and evaluation of children for epilepsy surgery: recommendations of the Subcommission for Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Rhythmic intrinsic bursting neurons in human neocortex obtained from pediatric patients with epilepsy.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric seizure disorders.Academic Article Why?
Cortical potential imaging of somatosensory evoked potentials by means of the boundary element method in pediatric epilepsy patients.Academic Article Why?
Corpus callosotomy in multistage epilepsy surgery in the pediatric population.Academic Article Why?
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