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Nursing Faculty PracticeConcept Why?
Flynn, JohnPerson Why?
Chair, Trainee & Young Faculty Community of Practice, American Society of TransplantationAward or Honor Receipt Why?
Surgical Faculty Perception of Service-Based Advanced Practice Provider Impact: A Southwestern Surgical Congress Multicenter Survey.Academic Article Why?
The Scholarly Output of Faculty in Family Medicine Departments.Academic Article Why?
Involving all family physicians and family medicine faculty members in the use and generation of new knowledge.Academic Article Why?
Opioid Prescriber Education and Guidelines for Ambulatory Upper-Extremity Surgery: Evaluation of an Institutional Protocol.Academic Article Why?
Arora, VineetPerson Why?
Key Studies in Medical Education from 2017: ANarrative Review.Academic Article Why?
Levinson, WendyPerson Why?
Ewigman, BernardPerson Why?
Gilliam, MelissaPerson Why?
Te, Helen S.Person Why?
Factors in faculty evaluation of medical students' performance.Academic Article Why?
Kao, Chien-MinPerson Why?
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