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Konetzka, R. TamaraPerson Why?
Chin, Marshall H.Person Why?
Arora, VineetPerson Why?
Meltzer, DavidPerson Why?
Impact of public reporting on unreported quality of care.Academic Article Why?
Relationship between quality of care and functional decline in hospitalized vulnerable elders.Academic Article Why?
Relationship Between State Malpractice Environment and Quality of Health Care in the United States.Academic Article Why?
Diabetes, quality of care, and in-hospital outcomes in patients hospitalized with heart failure.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the use of social network methods in designing healthcare quality improvement teams.Academic Article Why?
Health care reform in 2010: transforming the delivery system to improve quality of care.Academic Article Why?
Letter: Quality of care vs neonatal mortality rate.Academic Article Why?
Malpractice litigation and nursing home quality of care.Academic Article Why?
Organizers' introduction to the Symposium on Quality Health Care.Academic Article Why?
Predicting risk for medical malpractice claims using quality-of-care characteristics.Academic Article Why?
Quality of care in inflammatory bowel disease: a review and discussion.Academic Article Why?
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