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Allesina, StefanoPerson Why?
Functional links and robustness in food webs.Academic Article Why?
Predicting the stability of large structured food webs.Academic Article Why?
Relevance of evolutionary history for food web structure.Academic Article Why?
A general model for food web structure.Academic Article Why?
Community assembly, stability and signatures of dynamical constraints on food web structure.Academic Article Why?
Food web models: a plea for groups.Academic Article Why?
Food webs: ordering species according to body size yields high degree of intervality.Academic Article Why?
Googling food webs: can an eigenvector measure species' importance for coextinctions?Academic Article Why?
Parasites in food webs: the ultimate missing links.Academic Article Why?
River food web response to large-scale riparian zone manipulations.Academic Article Why?
Spatial guilds in the Serengeti food web revealed by a Bayesian group model.Academic Article Why?
Stability and feedback levels in food web models.Academic Article Why?
The assembly, collapse and restoration of food webs.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the role of parasites in food webs using the group model.Academic Article Why?
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