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Caprini, JosephPerson Why?
The Influence of Physician and Patient Gender on Risk Assessment for Lung Cancer Resection.Academic Article Why?
A risk assessment screening test for very low birth weight.Academic Article Why?
Individual risk assessment is the best strategy for thromboembolic prophylaxis.Academic Article Why?
Perspectives of family physicians on computer-assisted health-risk assessments.Academic Article Why?
Pressure ulcer risk assessment and prevention.Academic Article Why?
The limited utility of currently available venous thromboembolism risk assessment tools in gynecological oncology patients.Academic Article Why?
Thrombosis risk assessment as a guide to quality patient care.Academic Article Why?
A pilot study of a family history risk assessment tool for cardiovascular disease.Academic Article Why?
Arsenic exposure in Latin America: biomarkers, risk assessments and related health effects.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Use of the Urine Biomarker [TIMP-2] × [IGFBP7] for Acute Kidney Injury Risk Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Clinical Validation of the Chinese Version of Patient Completed Caprini Risk Assessment Form.Academic Article Why?
Comparison of novel risk markers for improvement in cardiovascular risk assessment in intermediate-risk individuals.Academic Article Why?
Ethics Implications of the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Violence Risk Assessment.Academic Article Why?
Fractal analysis of mammographic parenchymal patterns in breast cancer risk assessment.Academic Article Why?
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