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Outcome of monoclonal antibody induction and anti-rejection therapy in pancreas transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Fung, JohnPerson Why?
Immunosuppression for lung transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Accelerated healing of pyoderma gangrenosum treated with bioengineered skin and concomitant immunosuppression.Academic Article Why?
Chronic immunosuppression in the mature patient.Academic Article Why?
Conventional and novel approaches to immunosuppression.Academic Article Why?
Drug insight: maintenance immunosuppression in kidney transplant recipients.Academic Article Why?
Minimization of immunosuppression after lung transplantation: current trends.Academic Article Why?
Reduction of immunosuppression for transplant-associated skin cancer: expert consensus survey.Academic Article Why?
Single-center experience with primary orthotopic liver transplantation with FK 506 immunosuppression.Academic Article Why?
Weaning of immunosuppression in liver transplant recipients.Academic Article Why?
Antibody-based immunosuppression following liver transplantation: the plot thickens.Academic Article Why?
Current trends in immunosuppression for lung transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Dexamethasone-induced immunosuppression: mechanisms and implications for immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Future prospects in immunosuppression for liver transplantation.Academic Article Why?
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