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Bionic Breast Project: Towards Restoring Breast Sensory Function in Women with MastectomyGrant Why?
Sensory function: insights from Wave 2 of the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.Academic Article Why?
Assessment of sensory function in the National Social Life, Health, and Aging Project.Academic Article Why?
Experimental social rejection increases dyspnoea perception and neural processing of respiratory sensations in healthy subjects.Academic Article Why?
Impact of anesthesia exposure in early development on learning and sensory functions.Academic Article Why?
Nitric oxide in the sensory function of the carotid body.Academic Article Why?
Transvaginal intratubal insemination by tactile sensation: a preliminary report.Academic Article Why?
Improved infant swallowing after gastroesophageal reflux disease treatment: a function of improved laryngeal sensation?Academic Article Why?
Sensation of effort and duration of mentally executed actions.Academic Article Why?
T-Cell Mechanobiology: Force Sensation, Potentiation, and Translation.Academic Article Why?
A possible link between sensation-seeking status and positive subjective effects of oxycodone in healthy volunteers.Academic Article Why?
Restoring tactile and proprioceptive sensation through a brain interface.Academic Article Why?
Sexual Sensation Seeking, Drug Use and Risky Sex among Detained Youth.Academic Article Why?
Subjective experience of sensation in anorexia nervosa.Academic Article Why?
Touch sensation by pectoral fins of the catfish Pimelodus pictus.Academic Article Why?
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