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Wireless capsule endoscopy.Academic Article Why?
A rapid and accurate method to detect active small bowel gastrointestinal bleeding on video capsule endoscopy.Academic Article Why?
Capsule Endoscopy and Enteroscopy in Celiac Disease.Academic Article Why?
Double balloon enteroscopy detects small bowel mass lesions missed by capsule endoscopy.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellow Training Exposure to Video Capsule Endoscopy.Academic Article Why?
Role of Video Capsule Endoscopy as a Prelude to Deep Enteroscopy.Academic Article Why?
Mesenteric Castleman disease detected by capsule endoscopy.Academic Article Why?
Semrad, CarolPerson Why?
Capsule EndoscopyConcept Why?
Agile patency system eliminates risk of capsule retention in patients with known intestinal strictures who undergo capsule endoscopy.Academic Article Why?
Utility of video capsule endoscopy for longitudinal monitoring of Crohn's disease activity in the small bowel: a prospective study.Academic Article Why?
Jericho, Hilary R.Person Why?
Impact of Early Video Capsule Endoscopy on Hospitalization and Post-hospitalization Outcomes: A Propensity Score-Matching Analysis.Academic Article Why?
A multicenter, prospective, randomized comparison of a novel signal transmission capsule endoscope to an existing capsule endoscope.Academic Article Why?
Capsule Retention in Crohn's Disease: A Meta-analysis.Academic Article Why?
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