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Integrating Clinical and Translational Research Networks-Building Team Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Chapter 3--networks within networks: the neuronal control of breathing.Academic Article Why?
Deconvolution of transcriptional networks identifies TCF4 as a master regulator in schizophrenia.Academic Article Why?
Detection of lung nodules in digital chest radiographs using artificial neural networks: a pilot study.Academic Article Why?
Differences in urine volume and supersaturation in 2 physician networks.Academic Article Why?
Dopamine perturbation of gene co-expression networks reveals differential response in schizophrenia for translational machinery.Academic Article Why?
Gene regulatory networks directing myeloid and lymphoid cell fates within the immune system.Academic Article Why?
Gene regulatory networks in the immune system.Academic Article Why?
Master regulators in development: Views from the Drosophila retinal determination and mammalian pluripotency gene networks.Academic Article Why?
Noise injection for training artificial neural networks: a comparison with weight decay and early stopping.Academic Article Why?
Precise capacity analysis in binary networks with multiple coding level inputs.Academic Article Why?
Strategic Integration of Multiple Bioinformatics Resources for System Level Analysis of Biological Networks.Academic Article Why?
Transposon-mediated rewiring of gene regulatory networks contributed to the evolution of pregnancy in mammals.Academic Article Why?
Uncertainty in the output of artificial neural networks.Academic Article Why?
Artificial neural networks in chest radiography: application to the differential diagnosis of interstitial lung disease.Academic Article Why?
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