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Ahsan, HabibulPerson Why?
ADA/EASD Precision Medicine in Diabetes Initiative: An International Perspective and Future Vision for Precision Medicine in Diabetes.Academic Article Why?
Breast cancer: The translation of big genomic data to cancer precision medicine.Academic Article Why?
Developing a clinically feasible personalized medicine approach to pediatric septic shock.Academic Article Why?
Genomic and personalized medicine: foundations and applications.Academic Article Why?
IBD and the gut microbiota--from bench to personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
Implementation of pharmacogenomics testing for precision medicine.Academic Article Why?
Precision medicine in KCNJ11 permanent neonatal diabetes.Academic Article Why?
The Road to Precision Medicine for Acute Kidney Injury.Academic Article Why?
Value of Personalized Medicine.Academic Article Why?
A new neuroinformatics approach to personalized medicine in neurology: The Virtual Brain.Academic Article Why?
A pan-cancer organoid platform for precision medicine.Academic Article Why?
Cancer Precision Medicine: From Cancer Screening to Drug Selection and Personalized Immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Introducing the Microbiome into Precision Medicine.Academic Article Why?
Molecular profiling in non-small cell lung cancer: a step toward personalized medicine.Academic Article Why?
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