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Insight into DNA and protein transport in double-stranded DNA viruses: the structure of bacteriophage N4.Academic Article Why?
Amyloid precursor protein trafficking, processing, and function.Academic Article Why?
Effects of PS1 deficiency on membrane protein trafficking in neurons.Academic Article Why?
Possible role for fatty acyl-coenzyme A in intracellular protein transport.Academic Article Why?
Yeast and mammals utilize similar cytosolic components to drive protein transport through the Golgi complex.Academic Article Why?
Protein TransportConcept Why?
Green, WilliamPerson Why?
Glick, BenjaminPerson Why?
A new type of coated vesicular carrier that appears not to contain clathrin: its possible role in protein transport within the Golgi stack.Academic Article Why?
An evolutionary balance: conservation vs innovation in ciliate membrane trafficking.Academic Article Why?
Connexin43 with a cytoplasmic loop deletion inhibits the function of several connexins.Academic Article Why?
Evidence for acquisition of Legionella type IV secretion substrates via interdomain horizontal gene transfer.Academic Article Why?
Ezrin regulates NHE3 translocation and activation after Na+-glucose cotransport.Academic Article Why?
Fascin- and a-Actinin-Bundled Networks Contain Intrinsic Structural Features that Drive Protein Sorting.Academic Article Why?
Flagellin peptide flg22 gains access to long-distance trafficking in Arabidopsis via its receptor, FLS2.Academic Article Why?
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