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Konetzka, R. TamaraPerson Why?
Trends in Post-Acute Care in US Nursing Homes: 2001-2017.Academic Article Why?
Relationships between Acute and Postacute Care Providers: Measurement and Estimation.Academic Article Why?
Role of Post-Acute Care on Hospital Readmission After High-Risk Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Trends in Post-Acute Care Use Among Medicare Beneficiaries: 2000 to 2015.Academic Article Why?
Impact of public reporting on quality of postacute care.Academic Article Why?
Post-Acute Care Use and Hospital Readmission after Sepsis.Academic Article Why?
Insurance status and hospital discharge disposition after trauma: inequities in access to postacute care.Academic Article Why?
Racial differences in hospital-associated disability and inpatient and post-acute care physical therapy utilizationGrant Why?
Subacute CareConcept Why?
The effect of integration of hospitals and post-acute care providers on Medicare payment and patient outcomes.Academic Article Why?
Challenges and Lessons Learned for Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation of Persons With COVID-19: Clinical Presentation, Assessment, Needs, and Services Utilization.Academic Article Why?
Patient Outcomes After Hospital Discharge to Home With Home Health Care vs to a Skilled Nursing Facility.Academic Article Why?
Pediatric Hospital Discharges to Home Health and Postacute Facility Care: A National Study.Academic Article Why?
The impact of Medicare copayments for skilled nursing facilities on length of stay, outcomes, and costs.Academic Article Why?
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