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Kratsios, PaschalisPerson Why?
Mechanisms of selective motor neuron death in transgenic mouse models of motor neuron disease.Academic Article Why?
Dynamical estimation of neuron and network properties III: network analysis using neuron spike times.Academic Article Why?
On the actions that one nerve cell can have on another: distinguishing "drivers" from "modulators".Academic Article Why?
The fusion of bone-marrow-derived proinsulin-expressing cells with nerve cells underlies diabetic neuropathy.Academic Article Why?
Differential control over postganglionic neurons in rat cardiac ganglia by NA and DmnX neurons: anatomical evidence.Academic Article Why?
SV40T reprograms Schwann cells into stem-like cells that can re-differentiate into terminal nerve cells.Academic Article Why?
Cardiopulmonary sympathetic input excites primate cuneothalamic neurons: comparison with spinothalamic tract neurons.Academic Article Why?
Direct innervation and modulation of orexin neurons by lateral hypothalamic LepRb neurons.Academic Article Why?
Lateral Hypothalamic Area Neurotensin Neurons Are Required for Control of Orexin Neurons and Energy Balance.Academic Article Why?
Maclean, JasonPerson Why?
Margoliash, DanielPerson Why?
Maunsell, John H.R.Person Why?
Hatsopoulos, Nicholas G.Person Why?
Coordinated regulation of cholinergic motor neuron traits through a conserved terminal selector gene.Academic Article Why?
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