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Matute, DanielPerson Why?
Density-dependent cladogenesis in birds.Academic Article Why?
Price, Trevor D.Person Why?
Genetic SpeciationConcept Why?
Maximum likelihood inference of geographic range evolution by dispersal, local extinction, and cladogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Coyne, JerryPerson Why?
Detecting the historical signature of key innovations using stochastic models of character evolution and cladogenesis.Academic Article Why?
Kronforst, Marcus R.Person Why?
Bates, JohnPerson Why?
Hipp, AndrewPerson Why?
"Two Rules of Speciation" revisited.Academic Article Why?
A snapshot of progenitor-derivative speciation in Iberodes (Boraginaceae).Academic Article Why?
A test of the snowball theory for the rate of evolution of hybrid incompatibilities.Academic Article Why?
Adaptive radiation, nonadaptive radiation, ecological speciation and nonecological speciation.Academic Article Why?
Adaptive radiations: there's something about finches.Academic Article Why?
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